what is a Mobile website


What is a Mobile Website

What is a Mobile Website? A mobile website is a specialized version of your current business website that is optimized for smart phone and mobile device. As mobile phones have smaller screen and even touch based, having a website especially for mobile devices will give users a better browsing experience.

Most people search on mobile to get required information. Mobile phones have become a modern day laptops that is portable and easy to carry. As a result most people across the globe prefer to use mobile phones to search for required information.

Mobile websites are no longer a luxury but a necessity for business growth. The main focus is on developing a mobile user friendly site, which will bring more visitors and business. The Mobile website should be concise, efficient and useful from users point of view.

The smart phone users are using smart phones for searching anything – from a Gas Station to a nearby Pizza Corner. People are spending more time on their phones. Smart phones have become modern day laptops for online users.  A Mobile Website helps businesses to:

  • Retain its Existing Customers.
  • Get New Customers.


Mobile Website Best Practices

The Mobile Website should be Fast Loading

Mobile users have less patience. In the middle of the task, they search what is required. Website load time is vital to attract and retain existing customers. Reducing the size of images used in the mobile web page can significantly boost mobile page load speed.

Make it Thumb Friendly

Most people operate their mobile phones using their fingers, particularly their thumb. Hence design your web page so that human fingers can also easily handle it. Make use of large and centered button and check boxes.

Optimized for various Mobile Browsers

Your mobile optimized website should be accessible on various types of mobile browsers. A bad mobile web experience can cost you customers. The mobile web pages should be optimized for both vertical & horizontal views. When mobile users change the orientation, make sure that they remain in the same page. Avoid flash as it does not work in some mobile phones.

KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid

Everyone loves to get complex things simplified. Nobody would like to get confused after visiting your site.

There should be links of your important pages on your home page. Enable scroll to function in vertical format only.

Easily Readable Text

A mobile optimized website should have easily readable text. Any strain on your visitor’s eyes will frustrate your customers and tempt them to leave your site as early as possible. Web page should have clear distinguished contrast between text and background.

Give appropriate color and size to links and buttons. Text size should be appropriate and easily readable without zooming.

Focus on Local Customers

Mobile users tend to search for businesses in their locality. They search for local information – from nearest Restaurants to Cinema Hall. Include maps with directions in mobile web pages so that your customers can find you easily.

Mobile Site Redirects

When a Mobile Phone user visits your website from a mobile device, a mobile site redirect code sends them to the mobile version of your website.


Your customers can easily contact you by clicking on Click-2-Call button. Your mobile site visitors can instantly call you by clicking on the Click-2-Call button.

Unique Content

Content is the king. Mobile users look for precise and most important information quickly. Make it easy for your visitors to find the most important content of your website without any difficulty.

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