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Mobile Advertising drives more traffic on your website.

More than 50% of smartphone users in India search for local services or businesses on their mobile regularly. We can help your business achieve the top position in mobile search results in order to gain new customers.
Moreover, users who search for some local business on their mobile device are prone to take action on the same day. Get connected with active mobile users right now. Users tend to search for different services ranging from restaurant to hotels, accountants and doctors.



How Mobile Advertising Works

    • We evaluate your business to find the opportunity to get more customers.

    • Our advertising experts will set up and operate your mobile advertising campaigns.

    • You get phone calls from your targeted customers.

    • Track and analyse the Ad campaign performance.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



What is the Mobile Advertising Program?

Mobile Advertising happens to be a specialized service that helps targeted customers  to your mobile web page. We take care of your entire mobile campaign from  ad writing to keyword selection and bidding. Our mobile campaigns can get more phone calls and leads at affordable rates.


Differences between desktop advertising and mobile advertising?

Desktop searches produce almost 15 to 18 results. But when you use your mobile phone to carry out a search, you get different results. Since they are smaller, mobile screens can normally list only two businesses at the top and you won’t be able see the rest unless you scroll down the page. Therefore, almost 90% of the competition is eliminated right at the beginning, and more than 70 to 80% of the people carrying out these searches tend to click on the top two listings.


How does MobileINFI help people find my mobile website?

All smartphones possess a search feature that opens a particular search engine. These searches are normally used when potential clients are looking for something fast, like when they want to eat at a nearby restaurant or require a medical service. We will place your businesses at top positions of the mobile search results, so that your prospective customers can find you easily.


Who will be able to view my advertisement?

Our campaigns target individuals who use their mobile devices to search for your business. They browse the internet for keywords and phrases that have been carefully selected by our team and related to your business category. We ensure that your ads are visible only to people in your region.



How many calls can I expect for my business?

Since we optimize your mobile campaign on the basis of geographic position and keywords, you can expect to receive five phone calls per 10 visitors to your web page on an average basis. The numbers will primarily depend on the urgency of the service offered by you.


How much will it cost?

All campaigns have various budgets and needs. So, we establish our cost plan to accommodate everyone in the best possible manner. Our rates depend on the number of calls you want will receive. Just fill up the form on the Mobile Advertising page or Sign Up for free business assessment.



What if my business lacks a mobile web page?

Mobile GI Tech can assist you in designing and publishing an attractive yet fully functional mobile site. All you need to do is visit our main site and purchase a plan for creating a custom mobile site.



Do I need to enter a long term contract?

No. We will try our best to create a successful campaign in order to retain you as a long-term client. There is no long term contract. If we can’t earn you business every month, we don’t deserve you as our customer. You can always walk away.



Which plan is best for me?

Sign up with us for a free business assessment. You can chat directly with our company representatives, resolve all your queries and we’ll also provide you with sound advice. The best part – it’s all free of charge.