Importance of mobile website



Your customers are on mobile. What about your business?


Get more customers

In India, desktop internet usage has been left behind by Mobile internet usage. More than 50% of internet usage in India is through Mobile phones. Urban India has more than 27 million smart phone users and they spend 157 minutes daily on their phones. Since 2010, there has been 400% increase in mobile searches and around 40% of Google search in India comes from mobile.

Retain your customers

A bad experience of your website on mobile devices can cost you customers. You customers will get irritated and move to your competitor’s website. Research says, 57 percent of users will not recommend a business with a poor mobile web experience and 40% have moved to a competitor’s website looking for better experience.


Meet User Expectation

Your customers want your website to work properly on their smart phones. Research says, 80% of users frequently access a mobile site often if it is reliable and fast. They don’t want to wait long for the web page to download. Around 71% of users prefer the site to load as quickly as a desktop site.

Connect with Customers

Smart phone users tend to connect with businesses in their local area and are more focussed to take action. Research says, more than half the smart phone users in India regularly search for local information. After searching on mobile web, 40% of the people visit the business location and 30% call a business.


Drive purchases

A mobile friendly website can drive more customers to your business. Considering the fact, 50% of the Indian smart phone users visited the website of business or service after a mobile search, a mobile website is vital for your business growth.

Your customers prefer a mobile website

Your customers want to see you on their mobile phones. Mobile phone has become modern day laptops for online users. According to a study, 81% of users prefer mobile sites rather than mobile apps to research prices of goods or services.



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