How it Works



Step 1: Purchase a Plan

Purchase a Ecommerce Website Plan that best meets your requirement. In case you are not sure which plan is best for you, ask us for free business assessment.

Step 2: Our Expert Contacts You and Start Integration Work on your Store

Once you have purchased a plan, our trained staff will contact you to understand your business needs. Our expert will answer any question, begin integration works on your shop, follow up with you and discuss the expected timeline for your project.

We may need to collect the following information from you during the client level interview:

Information on Categories:

  • Category names
  • Category and sub-category structure
  • Brief Category description
  • Soft copy of Category icon image

Data of 15 products like:

  • Product Name
  • Product Category
  • Product Quantity
  • Product Images, if any
  • Brief product description
  • Product options etc.

Documentation on static web pages:

  • About us
  • Privacy Policy
  • Refunds Policy
  • Shipping Policy
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Other pages (if any)


Our representative will contact you if they need further information to complete the project.Our experts are available throughout the process ensuring your website reflects your needs and preferences.

We will suggest ready made website template that best meets your demand. You can choose the theme of your choice and send us the template number. We will then integrate the template to your store, put together all the information, and make it ready for getting the store go live.

STEP 3: You get an Online E-commerce Store

Once the interview process is over and the theme has been selected, our trained staff will start the integration work on  your website. The integration process involves :

Store Software & Theme Installation: We will install the Ecommerce software in your web space and integrate the theme with the installed software.

Setting Up Products and Categories: We will need the following information while setting up the Products and Categories.

Product Categories and Sub-Category details:

  • Category title
  • Relevant keywords for increasing your search ranking
  • Category description
  • Thumbnail icon

Products Details for First 15 Products:

  • Product Title
  • Product image
  • Product description
  • Product pricing


Set up of Payment Gateway: We will help you to set up the Payment Gateway so that your store can receive payments.

Trial Run your website: We will do a trial run on your web store to ensure that the setting on your website is working correctly.

Training: We set up the first 15 products. We will give one hour training to  your team to enable you to manage the stores admin and set up rest of the products. If there are any further queries we will help you on the same.

Final Test Run your website: Once you website is ready to go live, we will offer you to do the final test run with customer account creation, customer login, product purchase and payment processing.

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